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Vaccinations and health checks Vaccinations and health checks Vaccinations, worming and health checks and blood tests
Desexing Pregnancy diagnosis (cattle and alpaca by ultrasound) Emergency and medical treatment - fence wounds, foaling, colics and other medical conditions.
Soft tissue surgery Routine surgeries ie dehorning and castration Sedation for farriery, dentistry, clipping etc
Orthopaedic surgery Herd / Flock health planning Soft tissue surgery - wounds, lumps, geldings
Radiography (x -rays) and ultrasound (both diagnostic and for pregnancy) All emergency calls - calving, lambing, kidding or unpacking problems, prolapses, down cows, fly strike etc Respiratory investigations including endoscopy

Lameness problems
Medical investigations and management of chronic conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, kidney failure etc Treatment, management and prevention of common farm animal conditions i.e scouring, facial eczema, pneumonia, lameness and mastitis. Fertility, breeding and neonatal care including pregnancy diagnosis by ultrasound scanning. (including detection of twins)
In house laboratory for emergency blood work Poultry medicine and surgery Radiography (x- rays) at clinic or in the field
House calls Treatment either in field or at the clinic Prepurchase examinations
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